Time 2 Train Aspergers Program     

 For all ages with Autism, specialising in Aspergers Syndrome 

" Time 2 Train is a fun learning movement exercise

 program, using sports and activities combined with games to

 train all ages on the Autism Spectrum."

Time 2 Train Aspergers Program - Special Presentation | Bunbury W.A

Time 2 Train is coming soon to 3 NEW Locations

We are excited to announce that the Time 2 Train Aspergers Program will be launching in 3 New Locations making our service available and accessible to more communities. 

Our new locations will be Western Australia. Albury Wodonga and Evansville, Indiana USA.

To register your interest please click on the button link below.

Asperger Trainer Program - 2 Day Training Workshop 2020

  • Do you have a positive attitude and are passionate about working with all ages on the Autism Spectrum / Aspergers Syndrome?

  • Are you a certified trainer, instructor, practitioner, educator and or other specialist and have experience in the field working with Autism Spectrum Disorders?

  • If you would like to learn about how to make a positive impact in supporting families in helping them achieve whilst becoming part of a support network then the Time 2 Train Asperger Trainer Program is for you!

Dougal Austin ( 94.1FM Radio ) and Jeremy Samson ( Founder Time 2 Train ) bring you On The Spectrum LIVE ON STAGE - A 90 minute panel discussion about Autism , Aspergers including 3 - 4 industry experts discussing their roles and services amongst the ASD Community. 

Audience members will be given the opportunity to ask their questions. Come along for this exciting show and help us raise awareness about ASD.

Click below on one of the following shows to download the info.

Australian Personal Trainer Jeremy Samson Reveals His Inspiration behind Autism and Exercise

Australian personal trainer Jeremy Samson has remained a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry. Having been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at an early age, Jeremy expressed his incredible struggles with the condition. He soon realized his gift of being able to perceive a difference in himself compared to other children.
He described his condition of Asperger’s as his brain consisting of a series of televisions with one affected by a “bent antennae.”

Jared Talevera - Blog Writer

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Exercise Training Programs


Time 2 Train 8 Week Program aims to build a basic understanding of skills towards balance, co-ordination, confidence and overall improvement in functioning.


Time 2 Train 12 Week Program is the highly recommended integration package in building basic to advanced motor movements, increased confidence, better emotional management and further improvement in overall functioning.

The Lupe Program is a personal development program for teens as young as 11-12yrs , older teens 16yrs-19yrs to young adults on the Autism Spectrum , Aspergers Syndrome, helping build and develop the necessary skills required for an easy transition within the wider community.

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Our mission statement

" Time 2 Train strives through exercise to assist children,

teenagers and adults with Asperger's Syndrome and other

learning difficulties, to build confidence , improve co-ordination, develop social and coping skills to enable them to become valued members of our society."

Time 2 Train Edwin 2015 - 3 years of training for improved result!